Find Your ‘Why’—Plus, Pay It Forward with Your Brand Culture as You Grow

Find Your ‘Why’—Plus, Pay It Forward with Your Brand Culture as You Grow

Too many fitness studio owners scale too quickly in one location, or open additional locations at a too-rapid pace, without first totally nailing down their brand identity and culture. However, when studio owners look at every big business decision through the lens of their brand and values, they build meant-to-last companies complete with supportive staffers and loyal members. Four savvy studio owners, who spoke about successful studio ownership at BFS-NYC 2019, share their thoughts on how to identify, solidify, and share your why.

  1. Get super-clear on your why.

Kari Saitowitz, founder and CEO of Fhitting Room, is very zen about her why: “I feel like I’m at the center of a virtuous cycle of positivity,” she says. “My product is inherently good for people emotionally and physically. My studios are a place of learning, care and respect. All my clients are treated like VIPs regardless of their fitness level, gender, race or age, and I’ve worked hard to build a culture where all of my team members feel valued.” And, since she loves that fitness attracts people who come from all different backgrounds but share a passion for changing lives, she’s even more enthusiastic about communicating her studio’s “why we’re doing this” to her team.

  1. Know who you’re here to help.

Amy Glosser, founder and CEO of BKYlyn Indoor Cycling, is especially inspired by newbies. “I love the first-timers,” she says, “those who haven’t worked out ever, or in a very long time. Since our studio vibe is welcoming and non-judgmental, we get many women who find us and change their lives to no include fitness.”

  1. Evolve your why over time.

Amy Hochhauser, co-founder and CBO of JoyRide Cycling + Fitness, is inspired and invigorated by the challenge of building a business and watching it morph in a dynamically growing industry. “The landscape has changed radically in boutique fitness over the last eight years and our ability to pivot and stay relevant fuels me to keep learning and growing,” she says.

  1. Strengthen your why from the inside out.

“I’m inspired to continue to run my own business because I love to be creative,” says Gail Giovanniello, founder and CEO of Mind Your Body. “Nothing will set me apart more from others than my individual creativity and making my business special in my own way.”

  1. Immerse your business in your brand.

One of the most important lessons for Hochhauser has been the importance of maintaining her brand culture as her business continues to grow. “Realize that the magic of your brand doesn’t just automatically translate to new locations,” she says. “You have to work hard on your brand culture and make sure that every employee in every location understands the why behind your brand. If they can share your vision and your purpose, the benefits will flow to the bottom line.”

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