3 Strategies to Boost Client Retention

When it comes to growing your business, keeping your clients happy is essential. Here are three expert tips for client retention.

1. Ramp up your rewards program

Did you know that 74% of businesses that offer a reward program see an increase in client retention?

Offer points for actions you want to encourage, such as bringing a friend or writing a review. Set up a leaderboard to track your members’ progress alongside each other. The more your clients win, the more they will come back.

2. Provide excellent client experience

Convenience and usability are priceless when it comes to keeping your clients happy.

The last thing you want is to lose your members over a subpar management solution. When it comes to booking classes, appointments, or simply renewing memberships, your clients want an easy-to-navigate system. Let your clients book their spot in your classes and check in quickly by using reliable software.

Plus, catch your members on the go with your studio’s client app! Let them book classes, track rewards points, and manage their schedules from their phones.

3. Set up win-back email or SMS campaigns

Sometimes life happens and your clients may cease their regular visits to your studio. But there’s still hope!

Set up automatic “win-back” emails or texts to send to clients who haven’t dropped by in a while with a simple “we miss you!”. You can also set messages to send to recently-cancelled members, offering them a special deal.

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