Brand Building Through Marketing


Kelsey Fuson, Marketing Manager at BurnCycle, focuses on bringing their unique brand to life in the form of marketing campaigns, studio events, and community partnerships. Before Venga, she felt like she was missing out on an opportunity to connect better with clients through a regular cadence of engagement. MINDBODY alone was not enough.

With Venga, Kelsey has the ability to send highly targeted and customized campaigns that connect with the right clients at the right time. A previously inconsistent process is now fully automated, enhancing the effectiveness of Burncycle’s client engagement at scale. Now, every Burncycle client receives a personalized follow up after their first class. Existing clients are encouraged to refer their friends and family after their fifth visit to a studio.

As Kelsey mentions:


“Venga really gives us peace of mind knowing that we are connecting with our clients through branded and customized campaigns. We are following up with the clients might need that extra nudge. And we’re automating a process that was once painfully manual.”


The results of these campaigns are impressive. After implementing Venga’s New Client campaign, Burncycle generated over $5,500 in only 90 days. In the same time frame, their Referral campaign generated over $2,500.

Kelsey and the Burncycle team could not be happier:

“We’ve seen some really promising results and as we continue to use Venga. It’s a minimal effort on our part for large return, and we get to see the results roll in!”


Venga Move is a comprehensive client management platform that integrates visit, purchase, and social data of your clients into one intuitive dashboard. Featuring our preferred integration and partnership with MINDBODY, enhance client experiences at your studio with Venga.