Forget About High-End Marketing Tactics. Just Get the Basics Right.

Small, intimate, specialized spaces for fitness are rising in popularity – and the numbers prove it.

The pilates and yoga market? Sized at just over $12B. The number of Americans who belong to a fitness studio? 18.2 million. The number of CrossFit boxes as of 2018? 15,000 in 162 countries.

This is good news for fitness studio owners and operators.

Now for the bad: not all will survive.

In this higher-end market, one way to help your studio stand out is through smart marketing. And it doesn’t have to be overly complicated or expensive. In fact, owners tend to overlook the basics. Nail the following, build from there, and tweak based on the results you see.

Here’s how.


People want to be heard. A recent Harris Poll survey by Broadly revealed one-third of consumers would move on if they didn’t hear back from a business within an hour. Another 51 percent wouldn’t wait longer than six before turning to a competitor. The takeaway here is that simple responsiveness counts for a lot. If you’re trying to capture new business, remember that not feeling heard is the fastest path to never hearing from a prospective customer again. A timely email, text, or return phone call is critical.


It’s about them, not you. Nearly 90 percent of American small businesses would choose the phone to communicate with customers. But that’s not what customers want. We see increasing consumer use of text, emails and apps – all in service of ease and convenience. Take a hard look at how your studio uses technology to simplify members’ lives. Can they schedule or cancel a class? Ask a question and get an answer? The more people can accomplish via their mobile, the more studio owners appear aligned with modern consumer preferences.


Earn your cred. Small businesses routinely undervalue the importance of online reviews; just 19 percent of small business leaders think their online reputation was their most valuable asset. And yet consumers clearly see the value: 84 percent see online reviews as equal to personal recommendations from family and friends.

If you haven’t asked current members to share feedback online, what are you waiting for? Use a kiosk or iPad at the point of sale to make it super simple and – wait for it – convenient.

Remember: every person who writes conveys the credibility of your online reputation. If you’re worried about what someone might say, that points to deeper issues to resolve (and that’s where your focus should be). But generally, the occasional negative review is balanced by all the positives – and can be an opportunity to showcase your professionalism in a helpful, polite reply.


Marketing often feels complicated and hard to get right. But if you focus on the basics, you’ll see that simplicity is initially often the key for real results.


Post provided by Broadly.

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