BFS-NYC 2019 Speakers

How to Keep Up with the Modern Fitness Consumer As more boutique studios enter the fitness space, owners need to prepare for a tougher, more competitive economy by employing smart strategies, including using technology to their advantage, creating a one-stop membership experience, connecting with core customers so they stay loyal, and more. Five forward-thinking fitness...
The Keys to Building a Strong Team of Brand Ambassadors Yes, your instructors can definitely be instrumental in helping you retain your members—from delivering an in-class experience that creates an emotional connection between members and your studio, to promoting their classes when they’re not at the gym. Four ahead-of-the-curve studio owners, who spoke about successful...
Find Your ‘Why’—Plus, Pay It Forward with Your Brand Culture as You Grow Too many fitness studio owners scale too quickly in one location, or open additional locations at a too-rapid pace, without first totally nailing down their brand identity and culture. However, when studio owners look at every big business decision through the lens...
The Top 5 Characteristics of the Most Successful Studio Owners Heading a studio means that upping your CEO game is no longer an option: it’s a must. The most successful fitness leaders have lots in common, like having a higher purpose, being willing to give 110% to their businesses and trusting their instincts. Five winning...
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August 1, 2019
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