Frank Benedetto

Dr. Frank Benedetto is one of the most credentialed physical therapy doctors in the country. He’s double board certified in sports and orthopedics and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, giving him a unique ability to merge the often disconnected fields of rehab and fitness.

Dr. Benedetto is a co-founder of ProVere Health, which integrates cutting-edge physical therapy practices into boutique fitness studios. In less than four years, he and co-founder Dr. Cedric Haddad built a multimillion-dollar business by keeping fitness studio members healthy. He’s also co-founder of The Level Up Initiative, an online education platform for healthcare providers that focuses on the most neglected skill sets in formal education.

Right now, he’s in the startup phase of his next business, CounterStrike, which is focused on injury prevention and rehab for the martial arts community. He wants to accomplish what in-person ProVere has – improved member health and retention – inside martial arts studios by using emerging technologies.