Marion Roaman

Marion has been deeply immersed in boutique fitness & Indoor Cycling since its inception. In the early 90’s, she became an avid ‘spinner’ and started her career as an instructor teaching classes at Equinox, Crunch and Reebok Sports Club. Feeling frustrated by the ‘big gym’ indoor cycling programs, she opened the first boutique Indoor Cycling studio in New York. Soon thereafter, she created “reserve your space” software which is now commonly used in almost all boutique fitness studios and gyms. While owning and operating her own studios, she also taught classes and was one of the most sought out instructors in New York. She sold her business to Flywheel Sports, and worked at Flywheel as a Master Instructor for three years.  Once introduced to John Foley, she joined his team of Co-Founders and helped to get Peloton up and running. She was the Chief Content Officer, General Manager of the Peloton Studio and Master Coach.  Once she heard about Instructrr, she knew she had to get involved. The role of the group exercise instructor has become one of super star status, yet group exercise instructors do not have decent tools to create their magic….she is determined to change this!!!